Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama's Infanticide Lie

Newly discovered documents from the Illinois state archives prove Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has repeatedly and publicly lied about his opposition as an Illinois state legislator to regulations requiring health officials to provide care to babies who survived abortion.

According to a report by Amanda Carpenter in TownHall, Senator Obama has repeatedly claimed he would have voted for Illinois’ version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) had it included language to protect abortion rights guaranteed by Roe v. Wade, as the federal version of the bill did, which sailed through the U.S. Senate 98-0. Contrary to what Obama has said however, forgotten records from the Illinois Senate archives show Obama did vote against a BAIPA bill that included such a neutrality clause virtually identical to the federal bill.

This is hardly surprising given Obama's radical commitment to the multi-billion dollar abortion industry in general and to industry leader Planned Parenthood in particular. Nevertheless, the disingenuousness of the press in offering cover for the candidate's deceptiveness is more than a little disturbing.