Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pro-Life Theology

The theology of deliverance runs all throughout the Bible. Again and again Scripture exhorts the faithful to rescue the weak--in one way or another--out of the strong jaws of death. This is precisely because of the character, nature, and attributes of our God--He Himself is the great rescuer:

"In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord near its border. And it will become a sign and a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will rescue them" (Isaiah 19:19-20).

The Lord rescues the humble (Psalm 76:9). He rescues the afflicted (Psalm 35:10). And, He rescues the ravaged (Psalm 35:17). He rescues each of His own from the wicked (Psalm 17:13), from the deceitful and dishonest (Psalm 43:1), from temptation (2 Peter 2:9), from every evil deed (2 Timothy 4:18), from our bodies of sin and death (Romans 7:24-25), and from this present age (Galatians 1:4).

As His disciples, we are to comfort others with the very comfort we ourselves have received (2 Corinthians 1:4). Thus, we too are to be deliverers:

"Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and rescue those who have been robbed by the power of the oppressor (Jeremiah 22:3).

"Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked" (Psalm 82:3-4).

"Rescue those who are being dragged away to death, and those who are staggering to the slaughter, O hold them back. If you say, 'See we did not know this,' does He not consider it who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul? And will He not render to a man according to his work?" (Proverbs 24: 10-11).

There are those, who even amidst the confusion of the present day--with all its fickle political profundities--have heard that high call to covenantal faithfulness. Their stories are a testament to the grace of the Deliverer--who in turn calls us to deliver. In a rapturous variety of manners, methods, and means they have heard and heeded that call. And that is the story of the pro-life movement today, that is the foundation upon which its advocacy, its service, it programs, and its endurance is built. That is the essence of pro-life theology.