Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Abortion, Abuse, and Human Trafficking

In the northern states of India where the gender ratio between men and women has been skewed by the illegal--but widespread--practice of sex-selection abortion, a looming crisis threatens the very fabric of the nation according to a startling new report from the BBC.

According to that report, "Tens of thousands of girls disappear in India every year--they are sold into prostitution, domestic slavery. The UN children's agency Unicef says it's a problem of 'genocide proportions' and that 50 million women are missing in India because of female abortion, feticide, and infanticide--the killing of baby girls."

This is the heart wrenching backdrop to the story of widespread human rights cviolations, rape, and violence against women that has emerged from India in recent days.

Astonishingly, "An estimated 25-50 million women in India are 'missing,' if you compare the proportion of women in the population with other countries. As well as infanticide and feticide, some girls die of neglect and abuse. And, rich and modern cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Ahmadabad show some of the worst child sex ratios."

This is the unintended harvest of bitterness that has come from the global sowing Planned Parenthood’s ideological bad seed.