Friday, November 8, 2013

The New Coercive Utopians: Pro-Abortion No-Choicers

Bill de Blasio, the newly elected mayor of New York City and a self-described Socialist, has every intention of making America's largest city a pro-abortion "no-choice" zone.

Among the coercive measures he has already announced:

1. Forcing doctors who train in city hospitals to perform abortions as a routine part of their training regardless of "sham concerns of conscience or faith."

2. Working to close down Crisis Pregnancy Centers, what he has dubbed "fake clinics" because they do not offer child-killing services and therefore do not perform “legitimate health care.”

3. Partnering with Planned Parenthood to help them expand their business in the city by finding neighborhoods that lack convenient clinic access and providing them with “city sponsored” space to set up shop.

4. Using ObamaCare to expand state-funded abortion coverage to more New York City women.

5. Helpinthe multi-billion dollar abortion industry wipe out their opposition and competition in the city.

Following in the footsteps of his inspirational heroes, the Communist Sandinistas, de Blasio seems intent on creating a coercive socialist utopia for abortionists. And with help from a like-minded administration in Washington, it is lamentably likely that he will succeed--at least, in the short term.