Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Monster of the Beltway

Planned Parenthood's annual report is out and it appears that once again the organization's evil empire has proven to be the Monster of the Beltway. The gargantuan abortion provider and salacious sex advocate is the world's most profitable non-profit organization--and you and I helped them get that way with our generous tax donations.  

Indeed, Planned Parenthood quaffed at the public trough at the rate of some $1.5 million a day, every single day this past year.  $1.5 million a day!

As you might expect, the report is larded with the lurid details of the organization's nasty, ghoulish business.  But there is nothing that tops the audacity in the fact that all this wickedness is publicly funded.

Talk of budget deals, deficit reductions, sequesters, and filibusters all you please, but this $1.5 million in blood money is at the heart and soul of the troubling of our nation.