Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Red Cup and Bloody Hands

Which is worse? Her silly red cup or the blood on her hands?

If you're like me and don't actually follow such things as the Miss America pageant, you probably missed New York's Kira Kazantsev and her winning "talent" competition--she sang the pop anthem "Happy" while rhythmically flipping a red plastic cup around on stage. Apparently, the performance has brought her no little controversy.

Amazingly, what has not generated much notice at all, much less any real controversy, is the fact that the newly crowned Miss America was apparently employed for several months last year by Planned Parenthood of New York (according to her public Linked-In profile).

Indeed, that is the very same grisly abortion franchise that gained national ignomy last year for its lethal, botched abortions and its services to human traffickers and underage sex workers.

Quite the resume for America's newest good-will representative, isn't it?